Nutrition Coach

Who needs Nutrition Coaching?

Anyone who wants to nourish his body the right way.

Symptoms such as pain, fatigue, migraines, stress, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, digestive pain, fluid retention, etc, are messages from your body that you are running out of fuel. All this will eventually lead to real pathologies if nothing changes.

We are currently flooded with information through the Internet and social networks. Carnivorous diet, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, high carb, low carb ... who is right?

Today's society is, unfortunately, addicted to industrial foods, resulting in chronic western diseases, cardiovascular diseases (the leading cause of death in industrialized countries!), Obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, exhaustion. , endometriosis, digestive disorders ... Nature offers us the possibility of compensating this deficit with real food, but most of us choose food from factories.

Studies show that at least 40% of our food is refined, but seeing it publicized daily makes it a "normal" way of eating.

We believe that cereals in the morning are the best way to start the day because they are enriched with vitamins, cookies are digestible and full of fiber ... everything is a big lie. Refined products are such an important part of our lives that most of us have trouble identifying them. If this is your case, do not worry, I am here to guide you, to show you the basic principles to follow when buying and preparing meals.

Which is the goal?

I help my trainees to reveal the best of themselves. The strength of the method is also a program that continuously adapts to my trainees according to their feelings, their progress, their goals, and their agenda. The goal is to implement pragmatic solutions around the trainees to make your life easier. Unlike many diets, my method has a full contribution to health, energy, sleep, sports, and mindfulness performance. 

Are you still unsure?

Have you ever had that after eating one of your super salads with all kinds of vegetables, cereals, seeds, legumes ... did you feel bloated, bloated, heavy, bloated, gauze, headache, lack of energy ... But if you just ate a big salad !!

Many people will say that certain vegetables damage it, that they do not digest salads with raw vegetables well ... and when we look further, we realize that the problem is not in vegetables or vegetables.

The problem is the wrong combination of foods!

A bad combination of food will manifest as heaviness, tiredness, drowsiness and bloating because your body has to work twice as much to metabolize everything. Above all, you should know that all foods do not have the same digestion time or the same way of being digested by our bodies. Each food is digested by a specific enzyme, which will be activated in a medium with a certain pH. This is the key to understanding why the combination of food is so important for health and well-being.

We will identify together the foods that are most convenient for you and those that should be limited or eliminated. The main objective of my nutritional training is to teach you to easily adapt your diet to preserve your health and stay fit. At the end of your learning, you will have acquired the keys to the essential understanding of a healthy and balanced diet.


"It is not what you eat, but what you digest and assimilate what produces health, strength, and energy''

 Hannah Alle

When and Where?

The individual sessions behold online or in person at any convenient location.

I am available 7 days a week in the region of Amsterdam and its surroundings, or via Conference call. 

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