The Meal Plan

Is The Meal Plan right for you?

The Meal Plan is for you if:

  • You eat a variety of foods, but want to eat healthier and eat more vegetables!

  • You want to change your diet plan to a more healthier and nutritious plan.

  • You do not want to spend time thinking about different recipes.   

  • You want to know ahead of time what your meal will be.

  • You want to have a clear shopping list based on the meal of the week.

  • The Meal Plan will help you budget and reduce waste?

  • Learn new and healthier recipes.

  • Gain more confidence in the kitchen.

  • You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent through the program.

What can I expect?

  • One month's plan divided into two weeks with details all the meals for the day. 

  • It's about YOU. I will listen to you and we will collaborate on the best meal approach suitable for you.

  • Tracking your progress - weight, measurements, fitness assessments.

  • Continued support on the way.

  • Nutrition tip for the best results.

When and Where?

The individual sessions behold online or in person at any convenient location.

I am available 7 days a week in the region of Amsterdam and its surroundings, or via Conference call. 

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