Hipopressive Exercises

What is Hipopressive Exercise?

Hypopressive exercise, also known as Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics, is a relatively recent technique used to help in exercising the pelvic floor and toning the abdomen.

Hypopressive Exercises are a type of workout technique meant for activating the involuntary fibers within your pelvic floor. They also work the abdominal muscles that function as your body’s self-girdle and bra (abdominal oblique and transverse).

It is a breathing exercise where you contract the abdominal muscles after fully exhaling. You combine this with a couple of specific positions that will help you contract the muscles for the best results. After fully exhaling, you would then lift your organs up into your ribcage without breathing in and then hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing. You would then breathe back in.

Which are the Benefits?

  1. Decreasing back pain: These abdominal exercises improve back posture thus helping to prevent back pain.

  2. Reducing the waistline: Hypopressives reduce the diameter of the waist and strengthen the abdomen without damaging the pelvic floor.  

  3. Preventing disc and abdominal hernia: It improves the tone of the pelvic area without straining the neck and lumbar, which often happens using the traditional abdominal exercises.

  4. Improving sexual function (performance, sensitivity, and pleasure): Gaining muscle tone in the pelvic floor improves the sensations of sex and orgasms will become more powerful. 

  5. Treating and preventing urinary incontinence: These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor to prevent leakage and strengthen the abdominals to help relieve the pressure on the area.

  6. Treats and prevents Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Strong abdominals help to support the pelvic organs and thus release tension in the ligaments that support them. You can also help to fix pelvic organ prolapse due to the ‘vacuum effect’. Hypopressives create a negative pressure in the pelvic cavity which helps the organs rise and return to their normal position.

  7. Helps women both pre and post-childbirth: It helps with Urinary incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse, which are common problems associated with pre and post-pregnancy.

  8. Improving respiratory function: Increases breathing capacity

  9. Improving posture and balance: The exercises activate your postural muscles, which help with posture and balance.

  10. Enhancing athletic performance: As a breathing exercise, it improves cardiorespiratory fitness.

Do you like the benefits?

When and Where?

The sessions can be practiced individually or in groups according to the level.

My coaching session takes place either outdoors, or indoors (at home, hotel room or at your gym if you have a subscription). Alternatively, we can organize a studio or find the perfect location in the park! The choice is yours.

I am available 7 days a week in the region of Amsterdam and its surroundings.

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